Digital platforms

Digital platforms have become a key aspect of value creation processes in today's business landscape. In particular, digital platforms have become key resources in the ability of organizations to develop new business models and establish themselves in new markets. The course deals with the development, strategy, and management of digital platforms and the organizations and ecosystems in which they operate. The course pays specific attention to how the characteristics of digital platforms distinguish them from other types of digital artifacts, and how this is reflected in organizational short- and long term efforts to leverage digital platforms for value creation. The course contains practical elements in which students apply concepts from the course literature to formulate strategic plans for the development and management of digital platforms.

Preliminary schedule

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Course literature

Tiwana, Amrit (2014). Platform Ecosystems: Aligning Architechture, Governance, and Strategy. Elsevier Inc.

Articles, research reports (will be made available by the department)


Daniel Nylén

Hosea Ofe