Human-Computer Interaction 2016, 7,5 hp

Welcome to the course Human-Computer Interaction, Autumn 2016!

In this course we will be looking at how people interact with computer-based systems and devices, and how we can design these interactions - the basis for an area of study known as HCI (Human-Computer Interaction).

As well as interaction design, we will also be considering various methods for evaluating designs, as part of an iterative process of designing and testing that eventually should result in a usable and desirable product or service.

The course is organised into 4 linked and intermingled modules:

  1. Understanding: user needs and system requirements
  2. Creating: conceptual and physical designs
  3. Envisioning:  ideas
  4. Evaluating: designs

For each module, there will be an associated class meeting, readings, and a group assignment.

There will also be an overall group project on design and evaluation, incorporating the 4 assignments. The project will be presented by student groups in the final session of the course.

This course will be in English.
Course leader is John Waterworth
Please give me your feedback at the end of the course, on this course evaluation form.