Magister's Thesis Spring 2018

Welcome to the website for the Magister's thesis (15 credits) course for ITM and HCI.

The course gives the student an opportunity to apply a scientific approach to independently and critically formulate and solve problems in the field of informatics. The course consists of choice of subjects, formulation of problem/issue and delimitation, design and implementation of a study and preparation of a written report. Depending on the focus of the thesis work, preparation of an IT application may also be included. The thesis work is presented and defended in a seminar. In connection with the work on the written report, the student will be given knowledge of and insight into current methodological issues relevant to scientific work in the field of informatics.


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There are four assignments on the course. More details about these will be presented as the course starts, but in short they consist of:

Thesis proposal - The formulation of a topic for the thesis presented in a written document

The thesis - To write a thesis based upon the results of a scientific exploration undertaken during the course 

Presentation and discussion - To present the work done by the student and to provide feedback and reflections based upon the work of others

Publication - To finalize the thesis for publication and to publish it in the Diva database

A FAQ for the course

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Once the course starts, there will be a course site in Cambro with additional information. 


The course coordinator is Rikard Harr. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me an email: