Master's Thesis 30 credits

This is the website for the Master's thesis course, 30 credits, for ITM and HCI students

Schedule spring 2016

Week Day Date Time Activity Locus Teacher
46 Wed 10/11-15 12-13 Pre-course Meeting MC313 UHW
3 Tue 19/1-15 9-12 Course introduction. Academic writing, form and content.  MA466 UHW
Wed 20/1 9-12 Form and Content MA466 UHW
Thu 21/1 9-12 Theory and Method MA466 UHW
Thu 21/1 5pm Checkpoint 1: Submission of thesis proposal Cambro UHW
Fri 22/1 Supervisors appointed Cambro UHW
8 Tue 23/2 9-16 Checkpoint 2: Examiners' seminar (Mandatory) MA466 UHW
21 Mon 23/5 10-12 Lecture: Seminar preparation MC413 UHW
Wed 25/5 Noon Acknowledge participation in final seminar by sending an email to Ulrika. E-mail
Wed 25/5 5 pm Checkpoint 3: Submission of seminar version of thesis Cambro UHW
Thu 26/5 Noon List of opponents and discussants posted Cambro UHW
22 Tue 31/5 8-16 Checkpoint 4: Final seminar (Mandatory) MA146/156/166/176
Fri 3/6 Noon (12 o'clock) Checkpoint 5: Submission of full thesis Cambro UHW
36 Fri 9/9 Noon Deadline: Acknowledge participation in student seminar.
Deadline: Submit seminar version of thesis
Email/Cambro UHW
37 Wed 14/9 9-16 Second student seminar TBA UHW
Fri 16/9 5 pm Deadline: Submission of final version of thesis (first time submission) or revised version of thesis (second time submission) Cambro

Once the course starts there will be a course site in Cambro with additional information. 

The course coordinator is Ulrika H. Westergren (UHW). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me an email at: