IT Strategy, spring 2016

Although information technology (IT) has long since become an integral part of the activities of modern organisations it is only in the past 20 years that the strategic significance of IT has been illustrated in literature. The development of Internet based technology from the mid 1990s until today has increased the strategic importance of information technology, which is reflected in the IT budgets of organisations in both the public and private sectors. The starting point for the course is that today's IT intensive age demands new strategic approaches. Against this background the course covers, firstly, the concepts and models which can be used to identify and understand the strategic significance of information technology and, secondly, detailed studies of innovation strategies and global IT strategies.

Preliminary Schedule

Date Time Location Readings Teacher
Tues 22/3 13-15 Course Introduction MA466 JH/DN
Tues 29/3 13-15 Strategy: An overview MA466 Mintzberg (1994) JH
Fri 1/4 9-11 The Foundations of IT strategy MA466

Ch. 1-5, Peppard (2014) 

Tues 5/4 17:00 Essays 1-2 deadline
Fri 8/4 9-11 IT strategy implementation MA466 Ch. 6-9 DN
Mon 11/4 17:00 Essay 3 deadline
Tues 12/4 13-15 Seminar 1: The role of inclusion and diversity in IT strategy MA466 Hsieh et al. (2012)
Gillard et al. (2008)
Thur 14/4 13-15 Guest presentation by Associate Professor Lisen Selander, Applied IT at Gothenburg University/Chalmers MA466 Selander & Jarvenpaa (2016, forthcoming)
Printed version will be handed out
Fri 15/4 9-11 Strategic implementation and IT- innovation MA466 Christensn (2000) JH
Mon 18/4 17:00 Essay 4 deadline
Tues 19/4 13-15 Guest presentation by Ted Saarikko MA466 Saarikko et al. (2016) JH/DN
Fri 22/4 17:00 Essay 5 deadline
Tues 26/4 10-12 The role of IT management MA466 Ch. 10-14 DN
Tues 26/4 13-15 Seminar 2: Changing Technology, Changing Roles? The Emergence of the New CDO MA466 Tumbas et al (2016)
Printed version will be handed out
Thur 28/4 17:00 Essay 6 deadline
Mon 2/5 10-12 Introduction to project work MA466 JH/DN
Tues 3/5 13-15 Project meeting/supervision MA466 JH/DN
Tues 10/5 10-12 Project meeting/supervision MA466 JH/DN
Fri 13/5 9-11 Project meeting/supervision MA466 JH/DN
Tues 17/5 13-15 Project meeting/supervision MA466 JH/DN
Fri 20/5 9-11 Project meeting/supervision MA466 JH/DN
Tues 24/5 13-15 Presentation of group project MA466 JH/DN
Fri 3/6 17:00 Deadline essays 7-8

Please note that this is a preliminary schedule and that dates for activities may be changed, and that other activities may be added to the schedule! 

Course Literature

Robert Galliers, D. E. Leidner
Strategic Information Management : Challenges and Strategies in Managing Information Systems
4. ed.: London: Routledge: 2009: xxvii, 556 p.
ISBN: 978-0-415-99646-4 (hbk.)

Articles and case materials (provided by the department).


All additional information, course materials and schedule changes will be availible on the course cambro website.


The course will be examined in by three separate examinations; individual assignments, seminar participation, and a project work done in group. Final grades are pass with distinction (VG), pass (G) or fail (U). For students who fail the first exam a second exam is given soon after the course ends.


Jonny Holmström,

Daniel Nylén,