Designing for User Experience

Welcome to the Masters in HCI course, Designing for User Experience!

We will examine ways of approaching and understanding the design of interactive systems (HCI), in the light of some current trends and views of how people act and communicate with and through computers and computerized devices. The course takes a broad perspective, focusing especially on questions arising from the increasing integration of the physical and digital worlds and how this affects the user's experience. We will consider some interaction approaches and design paradigms, including ideas such as navigation of information space, and designing with blends.

Schedule (subject to change)

Day Date Time Place Activity Teacher
Mon 28/8 10.15 MA456 Program introduction (only for program students) RH
13-15 MA456 Course introduction RH
Tue 29/8 12-13 MA466 Welcome to master studies UHW
Wed 30/8 10-12 MC323

Formation of student project groups

Intro to Reading Assignments and reading groups

Intro to Group Activities and Big Design Assignment

Tue 5/9 Introduction to our Computer labs ÅH/TA



Readings group A

Reading group B



Wed 6/9 10-12 MA456 Lecture: Essentials of interaction design RH
Thu 7/9 10-13 MC323 Review of Readings-1 JW
10-11.30 11.45-13 Reading Group A
Reading Group B
13-> - Welcome fair, Umeå University -
Fri 15/9 10-13 MA456 Presentation of Group Activity-1 JW
Mon 18/9 10-13 MC323 Review of Readings-2 JW
10-11.30 11.45-13 Reading Group A
Reading Group B
14-16 MC413 Lecture: Blends and design
Discussion: Main design project
Mon 25/9 10-13 MA166

Presentation of Group Activity-2

Wed 27/9 10-12 MC323 Lecture: Understanding and envisioning RH
Thu 28/9 10-13 MA456 Review of Readings-3 JW
Reading Group A
Reading Group B
Tue 3/10 13-16 MA456 Presentation of Group Activity-3 JW
Wed 4/10 9-12 MA456 Basic prototyping RH
Thu 5/10 10-12 MA456 Lecture: Evaluating designs


Fri 6/10 9-12 MA456 Session on paraphrasing and quoting RH

Group 1 - 9:00-9:30
Group 2 - 9:30-10:00
Group 3 - 10:00-10:30
Group 4 - 10:30-11:00
Group 5 - 11:00-11:30
Group 6 - 11.30-12.00 
Tue 10/10 9.30-12.30 F491

Feedback on main group design project progress and plans

Group 1 - 9.30-10:00
Group 2 - 10:00-10:30
Group 3 - 10:30-11:00
Group 4 - 11:00-11:30
Group 5 - 11:30-12:00
Group 6 - 12.00-12.30


Tue 24/10 13-15.30 F419 Tutoring sessions for main group project RH
Thu 26/10 12-16 MA456 Presentations of main group projects: final designs and evaluations JW/RH
Mon 30/10 23.55 - All examination submitted in Cambro -


The examination for this course consists of 3 parts:

1. Individual report of between-class group activities

Each student should write up an individual report of the three group activities carried out between classes and submit for examination at the end of the course. This should be your own work, based on your own experience of what you did in the group and your view of that and related issues.

2. Individual writing assignment (on the main group project)

Each student will carry out an individual writing assignment based on the main group design project (see details on Cambro site). Refer to the main course text book, material under links and/or other material. You should present your own opinion/viewpoint, supported by examples, sound arguments, and the literature. Indicative length: 3000-4000 words.

3. Final presentation of main group project

Presence on the final presentation is mandatory, and each group should submit their presentation slides. We also expect you to attend most classes and actively participate in reading review sessions, group presentations, and seminar discussions.

Final grades are pass with distinction (VG), pass (G) or fail (U).


Benyon David. Designing interactive systems : a comprehensive guide to HCI, UX and interaction design. 3., [rev.] ed. : Harlow : Pearson/Education : [2013], cop. 2014 : xxx, 604 s. ISBN: 9781447920113

The course will include additional reading assignments as parts of books, journal articles and conference papers. These are listed on the course Cambro site and more will be announced during the course.

Some material to start with


Reading and class instructions

Between-class group activities

Main group project notes

Students Groups

Reading Group A

Group 1
Philip B: Martin B: Alexander C: Charlotte: Amanda K

Group 2
Arvid H: Viktor L: Emil L: Milena P: Semra D

Group 3
Viktor M: Tony O: Anton P: Jennifer G: Kim N-H

Reading Group B

Group 4
Daniel R: Malcolm S: Christian J: Marijn VDW: Yu YZ

Group 5
Joakim B: Sebastian B: Kai K: Patrik H: Malte B

Group 6
Ahmed E: Maximilian M: Felix P: Radim S: Florian W


Rikard Harr

John Waterworth