IT Organisation, autumn 2017

Welcome to the course IT Organisation, autumn 2017! The course takes its starting point in that organisations need the ability to sense and respond to entrepreneurial opportunities and threats, and that this ability is becoming increasingly important because of the ongoing digital transformation. Against this background, the course includes two specific themes, business analytics and organisational change. The business analytics theme focuses on data analysis, as analysis of data sets are becoming an increasingly important source of insight into the activities and changes, both internally within the organisation and externally. In this course data analysis is treated both from a theoretical and practical perspective as students will work with literature in the field, and practical application of computer software for data analysis. The practical application includes analysing data from various operations and results in the creation of decision recommendations. The second theme of the course, organisational change, also encompasses a theoretical and practical perspective as students will gain theoretical insights about the subject, and then apply these by developing recommendations for appropriate organizational change and implementation proposals. opportunities and risks which IT incurs for organisations. This analysis integrates concepts and frameworks from a number of disciplines such as innovation theory, organisation studies and IT management.


The schedule can be found here (updated 9th of October).

The sessions in bold are part of the examination of the course, and are therefore compulsory. Once the course starts, more details will be provided in Cambro. Please note that the schedule is preliminary, and may be subject to change.


Provost Foster, Fawcett Tom. Data science for business: [what you need to know about data mining and data-analytic thinking] 1. ed.: Sebastopol, Calif. : O'Reilly : 2013 : xviii, 384 s. : ISBN: 9781449361327 

Burnes Bernard. Managing change. Sixth edition : Harlow, England : Pearson : 2014 : xxi, 634 pages : 
ISBN: 0-273-77896-X 

Articles, research reports (will be available at the department)


Johan Sandberg (JS)
Vasili Mankevich (VM
Hosea Ayaba Ofe (HOA)