Designing for User Experience

Welcome to the Masters in HCI course, Designing for User Experience!

We will examine ways of approaching and understanding the design of interactive systems (HCI), in the light of some current trends and views of how people act and communicate with and through computers and computerized devices. The course takes a broad perspective, focusing especially on questions arising from the increasing integration of the physical and digital worlds and how this affects the user's experience. We will consider some interaction approaches and design paradigms, including ideas such as navigation of information space, and designing with blends.

Active reading (to be discussed in class) will facilitate students' understanding of these and other topics. There will be several group activities to be carried out between classes and written up individually as a personal "log book". There will also be a major group project involving design and evaluation of an experiential interface, combined with an individual writing assignment based on the project.



The examination for this course consists of 4 parts: Class participation, group exercises, group design project and individual writing assignment.

Your work will be graded according to how well it addresses what is asked for in the various assignments that are set - so read them carefully!

1. Contributions in class

You are expected to attend most classes and actively participate in reading review sessions, group presentations, and discussions.

2. Group activities and major design exercise

As a group, you will carry out 4 activities between classes. These will be introduced in class and listed below during the course. There is also  a major group design and evaluation exercise. All group activities will be presented in class.

3. Individual reports of between-class group activities

You should write up an individual report of each group activity carried out between classes and submit them for examination at the end of the course. This should be your own work, based on your own experience of what you did in the group.

4. Individual writing assignment (based on main group project)

You will carry out an individual writing assignment based on the major group design exercise (see details below). Refer to the main course text book, material under links and/or other material. You should present your own opinion/viewpoint, supported by examples, sound arguments, and the literature. Indicative length: 3000-4000 words.

Grading: U (Fail), G (Pass) and VG (Pass with distinction).

The final grade for the course will be a Pass (G) if the student has passed on all components above but is not eligible for a grade of VG.  The final grade for the course will be a Pass with Distinction (VG) if the student has passed on all components and earned the grade of Pass with Distinction (VG) on at least 3 of the four components (above). The final grade for the course will be Fail (U) if the student does not obtain at least the grade of Pass (G) on all components.



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