Managing as Designing - autumn 2016

This course studies the concept of managing as designing and its importance in organizations, especially regarding innovative processes. The study covers technology innovation processes, innovation in corporation/organizations, innovation in research, strategy of using design-oriented principles and practices when developing new businesses and/or business redesign. The aim of the course is to develop a deep understanding of the concept of managing as designing based contemporary research and provide you with experiences of relevance for your professional career at the intersection of design, innovation and management. We will also critically explore how to become a more skilled and successful professional in the area of expertise of our own choice and motivation.

 Preliminary Schedule

Day Date Time Activity Room Teacher
Tuesday 1/11 13-15 Course Introduction MA156 TN
Wednesday 2/11 10-12 The idea of an artificial science MA378
Tuesday 8/11 13-15 Professionals MA136
Thursday 10/11 10-12

Being a challenger

Monday 14/11 13-16 Challenges 1 MA136
Tuesady 15/11 13-16 Challenges 2 MA146
Wednesday 16/11 9-12 Challenges 3 MA378
Monday 21/11 13-15 Organising work on challenges MA166
Wednesday 23/11 13-16 The problem solving paradigm MA136
Monday 28/11 13-15 The design mood MA146
Tuesday 29/11 13-16 Care mood MA136
Monday 5/12 13-16 Professionalism MA136
Tuesday 6/12 13-15 Staying with the problem 1 MA146
Thursday 8/12 13-16 Innovation MA146
Monday 12/12 13-15 Skunk work MA146
Wednesday 14/12 9-12 Seminars MA146
Thursday 15/12 13-16            Seminars MA146
Monday 9/1 13-15 Staying with the problem 2 MA146
Wednesday 11/1 13-16 Presenting assignment MA146
Friday 13/1 10-12 Course finale MA146

Course literature

Boland, R. and Collopy, F. (2004)(Eds.). Managing as Designing. Standford: Stanford Business Books.

Schön, Donald (1983). The reflective practitioner. New York: Basic Books.

Articles provided by the department.


Torbjörn Nordström