Catching-up test

A student who fails to obtain a pass result at the regular test is entitled to the opportunity of a re-take, normally arranged in close connection (not more than two months) to the current course.

Students who do not obtain a pass result after two examination attempts (regular test and re-take) are allowed to participate in three further resit examinations (known as "catching-up tests"). In accordance with the rules for grades and examinations (in Swedish) within the undergraduate education at Umeå University, such a catching-up test must be offered within a year from the regular test.

The Department of Informatics offers catching-up tests for all informatics courses in the end of December, and during the last week of August, every year (exact dates vary between different courses). To participate in a catching-up test a student have to apply using the registration form below.

Please note that it is usually not possible to re-register for a course during regular semester time, in order to participate in additional regular examinations/tests. Thus, if you need a catching-up test you should instead use the registration form below.

Only one course can be included in the application. If you wish to register for several courses, it will require several separate applications.

Application deadline to participate in the catching-up test in December 2018 is November 18.



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