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Below, you will find basic information about the researchers in the research group IT Management Group.

Jonny HolmströmJonny Holmström

Jonny Holmström is a professor of Informatics at Umeå University, Sweden. His research interests include IT’s organizational consequences, digital innovation, and open innovation methods for university-industry collaboration. Holmström’s larger research program has examined how organizations innovate with IT, and he is currently investigating how organizations in the process industry sector can develop sustainable competitive advantages through mindful use of IT, and how media organizations make use of a heterogeneous media portfolio.

Per LevénPer Levén

Per Levén is a lecturer at the Department of Informatics, Umeå University. His research is primarily focused towards investigating the relationship between IT innovation and organizational structures and processes. In particular, Per is interested in digital innovation, and configurations of open innovation in complex organizational contexts.

Henrik WimeliusHenrik Wimelius

Henrik Wimelius is an Assistant Professor of Informatics at Umeå University. He conducts research mainly addressing how and why complex computer-based information systems affect organizations and firms. Henrik also investigates emerging web technologies and is currently researching user-driven web technologies in relation to services.

Katrin JonssonKatrin Jonsson

Katrin Jonsson is an assistant professor of Informatics at Umeå University. Her research focuses on how organizations innovate with IT. In co-operation with industrial companies she has explored how digitalized products affect work, organizing and create opportunities for innovative value creation processes. She has received the AIS senior scholars award for best IS journal paper 2009, paper of the year award in Information & Organization and best paper award at the IRIS 27 conference.

Ulrika H. WestergrenUlrika H. Westergren

Ulrika H. Westergren is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Informatics, Umeå University. Her research focuses on the impact of information technology on organizational transformation, specifically on emergent forms of organizing including outsourcing, joint ventures and open innovation, value creation, and issues of trust and control pertaining to technology introduction and use. She is currently collaborating with a number of companies within the manufacturing and process industries, studying for example their implementation and use of remote monitoring systems.

Johan SandbergJohan Sandberg

Johan Sandberg is a PhD student at the department of informatics, Umeå University. His research examines radical IT innovation, industry-academy knowledge transfer and enactment of dynamic capabilities through information systems.

Lars RönnbäckLars Rönnbäck

Lars Rönnbäck is a PhD student at the Department of Informatics, Umeå University. His primary research focus is Risk Management, in particular investigating it-enabled risk management practices in process industry settings.

Nils-Petter AugustssonNils-Petter Augustsson

Nils-Petter Augustsson is a PhD student within the Industrial Post Graduate School at Umeå University. In parallel his is working as a consultant within the Information technology area with project and solution management as his special areas. The Logica environment is also the focus of attention when it comes to Nils-Petter’s research, which is targeting the role of context when managing Information Systems.

Daniel NylénDaniel Nylén

Daniel Nylén is a PhD student at the Department of Informatics, Umeå University. His research is primarily focused at investigating how work can be organized in order to nurse digital innovations. Daniel is interested in the generative nature of digital innovations and is studying digitalization of industries with a particular focus on media firms and publishing houses.

Agneta NilssonAgneta Nilsson

Agneta Nilsson is a senior lecturer at Umeå University and Gothenburg University. Her research interests focus on organizing and managing IT enabled change processes in organizational contexts. She is particularly interested in the interplay between technical and non-technical design decisions, and implications for work and organizations. She holds a PhD in Informatics from Gothenburg University.

Nannette Napier

Nannette Napier is a post doc researcher at the department of informatics, Umeå University. She is also an assistant professor at the Georgia Gwinnett College. Napier engages in action research that addresses challenges of software development firms such as effectively managing software projects, creating and managing software requirements and using agile development methodologies.

Lars Mathiassen

Lars Mathiassen is an adjunct professor at the department of informatics, Umeå University. He is also a Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar, Professor at the Computer Information Systems Department and Co-Founder of Center for Process Innovation at Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University. His research focuses on development of information services, on IT-enabled innovation of business processes, and on management and facilitation of organizational change processes.

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