ECCE 2017 - Registration

ECCE fees in euro (the Swedish currency is however "Krona")

Registration is now open, click here to register

Please notice, the early bird registration deadline is July 30 (5 pm, CET)

All event packages include:

- Full registration for 3 days, 20-22 September 2017
​- Welcome reception
- Lunch and refreshments throughout the conference
- Conference dinner

Registration fees (the fees have been slightly altered to reflect current currency levels)

Student Professional
Early registration Members (EACE, ACM, SIGCHI) 250 Euro 435 Euro
Early registration Non-member 300 Euro 505 Euro
Late registration Members (EACE, ACM, SIGCHI) 295 Euro 475 Euro
Late registration Non-member 345 Euro 550 Euro

Workshop fee

The workshop fee has been set to 50€.    

EACE 2017 membership fees

2017 annual fee for full EACE member* 45.00 Euro
2017 annual fee for probationary (PhD) EACE members** 23.00 Euro
Five year membership*** 180.00 Euro
Lifetime membership for those who have reached official
retirement age****
180.00 Euro

*This is the regular fee for the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics (EACE) for the year 2017. 

**This is the regular fee for the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics (EACE) for PhD students for the year 2017. 

***As an alternative to a yearly fee, a full member can also choose to pay for a five-year membership, which fee is equal to four times the regular fee.

****EACE members who have reached the official retirement age can choose a life-time membership. In this case, you pay the fee that equal to four yours but you remain a member of the Association for the rest of your life.

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