Models for Strategic Business Development in Public Service

The project is financed by Vinnova, Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems- within target area E-services in Public Administration. The project is also co-financed by Skellefteå municipality, Umea University and a Enterprise council involving ICT-companies from the local region.

The aim of the project is to:
Develop sustainable models for strategic business development that manage to hold together the interface between the citizens and the municipality (front-office) and the underlying work processes in the administrations (back-office).

Project outcomes
The project will deliver a model for sustainable strategic business development. This model will involve following components:

  • A model for development of demand driven eServices.
  • A model for measurements of development cost and transactional costs for eServices deliverad through multiple channels.
  • A model for private-public partnership in development and use of eServices.

Contact Information

Project leader

Erik Stolterman Tel: +46 90 786 5531

Deputy Project Leader

Mikael Söderström Tel: +46 90 786 6843

Deputy Project Leader

Ulf Hedestig Tel: +46 90 786 6132