Undergraduate Programmes

All undergraduate programmes are given in Swedish.

Study programme in Systems Science with emphasis in Design, Interaction and Innovation emphasises the analysis and design of information systems in organisations. The programme covers the development of information systems and the requirements which such systems must meet in order to be suitable for their context of use. The effects of introducing computers into a workplace and issued concerned with the management of change are also covered.

Study Programme in Digital Media Production is concerned with the development and application of multimedia technology. Some of the fields covered are interaction design in digital media, 3D-modelling, animations and special effects, cross-media design and advanced media production for the webb. Emphasis is placed upon post production that is the work that must be performed in order to produce such items as films, television programmes, virtual reality and advertisements. A great deal of time is spent using modern studio techniques in order to obtain practical experience.

Programme in Behavioural Analysis of IT Environments combines behavioural science with knowledge of information technology to provide an understanding of IT-usage in society. Focus is placed upon how the introduction of information technology effects people in a social, cultural and historical context.

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