Master's Programmes

Graduate studies comprise the equivalent of 80 weeks (two years) of full-time work for a master's degree. These studies include the equivalent of 20 weeks of full-time work on the master's thesis. The rest of a student's time is devoted to graduate courses and project work. All master's programmes are given in English.

Master's Programme in IT Management, 120 ECTS

The master programme in IT management deals with the interaction between information technology and organizations. The programme focuses on how to use IT as a tool for business development and how IT enables new ways of conducting business, locally as well as globally. Most business opportunities, in traditional industries as well as in new ones, are dependent on IT in their operations. There are thus new ways in which the development and use of IT leads to competitive advantages.

Master's Programme in Human-Computer Interaction and Social Media, 120 ECTS

Information technology is being introduced into more and more devices at an ever increasing rate. For such IT-artifacts to be efficient and effective an understanding is needed of the way in which humans interact with technology. The Master’s programme in Human-computer interaction and Social Media at Umeå University offers a coherent set of courses, which will provide you with the competence necessary for carrying out practical and research work related to the analysis and design of interaction between people and IT-artefacts. 

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