Per-Olof Ågren

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Umeå universitet
SE-901 87 Umeå

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MIT-huset, Campustorget 5, E450


+46 90 786 92 15



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I have been working at the department since 1991. In addition to teaching at the undergraduate education I also have a comprehensive function as pedagogical leader at the department. This includes working with overall issues on pedagogical quality and development.

Since the mid 90's my scientific interest have concerned virtuality, social phenomena on the internet, and conditions and prerequisities when phenomena undergoes digitalisation – in short, its about digital culture. I am also a member of the research groupe Digital Culture at the department. 

I am doing a relatively extensive work on the university's third task: to collaborate with the society outside the university. As a critic and reviewer at culture sections in newspapers I have published between 300 and 400 articles regarding digital culture in particular and social science in general. These articles can be read here (only in Swedish).

Beside my work at the department of Informatics I am hired by Centre for Teaching and Learning at the university, where I lead courses on pedagogical competence development for university teachers. I am also with a collegue organising a seminar serie for directors of studies/pedagogical leaders with the purpose of creating an arena for exchanging experiences between these kind of leaders at the university.

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