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I conduct research in the IT Management research group at the Department of Informatics. The past two years has largely been focused on the completion of my dissertation, which also was defended successfully on April 28, 2011. The dissertation, titled "Duplicate Systems: Investigating Unintended Consequences of IT in organizations" is digitally available through the university library at this link. A short summary is available on the following link.

I received the Börje Langefors award for best Swedish information systems dissertation 2011. The award is handed out by SISA - the Swedish branch of the Association for Information Systems.

In addition to the research presented in my dissertation, which is oriented towards the exploration of the unintended and lasting consequences of information technology in organizations, I am currently additionally working with a research project focused on digital service innovation, as well as a project focused at platform technologies and generativity. For more information about my research in general or my dissertation in particular, please contact me via either email or telephone.

In addition to doing research, I also teach at the Systems development program and the program for the Digital media production.

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