About the Department

Informatics studies the interaction between people and technology to learn how to use technologies, and to understand its limitations.

We develop tools, methods, theories and evaluate information in relation to individuals, organizations and society. Our main areas of research include digital services, industrial technology and interaction design. Much of our research is conducted within the VINNOVA foundation and Process IT Innovations.

IT environments

At the undergradute level we conduct training in separate courses and several programs in systems science with emphasis on design, interaction and innovation, digital media production and behavioral science with specialization in IT environments. At the post graduate level, we offer master's programs and doctoral studies. We also offer many courses online via the Internet.

A new department

The subject of Informatics at Umeå University was founded in 1969 under the label of administrative data processing (ADP), and within an institutional organization, with the disciplines of mathematics and statistics.
Together with numerical analysis, informatics acquired its own autonomous status in 1977 in the newly formed Institute of Information Processing. Informatics has since belonged to the Faculty of Social Sciences while the numerical analysis and its outgrowths belonged to the faculty of science and technology.

New MIT-house

The late eighties was a period of rapid growth for the entire Institute of Data Processing. The Swedish parliament passed a bill to stimulate information technology research at the university. This led to the building of the MIT-house (Mathemics and Information Technology) on campus. In July 1994 the Institute divided into  two separate and completely independent entities - Informatics and Computing Science.

Informatics today

Around the beginning of this centuary there was a great expansion in research at the departement.  Today we are  40 academic staff, 6 support staff and approximately 20 graduate students (10 MSc and 10 PhD). Our research partners come from a wide variety of industries and other academic disciplines. Our researchers are internationaly prominent in the fields of Applied IT, Process IT, IT Management, Interactiondesign, Gender research in IT, Cross-Media Design and E-health.

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Image: Ingela Hjulfors Berg


Image: Ingela Hjulfors Berg